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Novelty from TM GIDROLIGA

Hydraulic drills

We offer you the wide range of hydraulic drills for various purposes.
Reduser from leading Italian company REGGIANA RIDUTTORI,
radial piston hydraulic motors from Italy company SAI.


The using of different hydraulic drills depens on the weight of machine on which it is placed.






Skid steer loaders, anchor trucks, derricks from 2000 to 7000 Нм

Excavators with weight from 718 ton,                   from 7000 to 15000 Нм

Excavators with work weight from 18 to 30 tоn,              from 2500050000 Нм

For machines and constructions with weight from 40 ton from 50000120000 Нм





Torque, Нм          from 2250122400

Pressure, ledge    from 160 350

Revs, revs/min     from 2050

Flow rate, L./min  from 88413